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Internal audit

Internal audit is a function that regularly provides independent, objective review and advisory services on processes and delivers assurance in order to enhance operational efficiency and achieve set goals.

Managers and directors will want to know how the organization is performing internally and what controls are required to improve that performance.

By carrying out an internal audit process, we can help your organization determine whether  there are appropriate internal controls over both your operational and administrative processes and/or systems.  Should there be weaknesses in these processes, we can recommend improvements in these areas to you.

We do this by conducting independent and objective reviews of your organization’s individual departments’ operations and procedures.  Internal audit is therefore a managerial control; and our goal is to assist you in the effective management by furnishing you with analysis, appraisals, recommendations and pertinent comments concerning the activities that we review.

The attainment of this goal involves:

  • Assessing whether the quality of current financial and operating information being gathered is good enough.  This involves checking how the information is currently being identified, measured, classified and reported
  • Checking how the company’s assets are safeguarded
  • Establishing whether resources are being used efficiently and effectively
  • Looking at the company’s operations and whether the results are consistent with the aims and goals of the organization